Cotswold meadow

The Cotswold Way and its wildlife

Adventures continue. Three weeks ago it was Phnom Penh, two weeks ago it was Manila, but now is the time for a bit of local exploring.

It was our anniversary yesterday and Hennie and I went for a walk in the nearby countryside. The Cotswold hills pass close to where we live so we went out to indulge. Brilliant sunshine eluded us and we endured some light rain, but that did not dampen our enjoyment.

First we were enchanted by the horses that seemed to crave our love and attention. Hennie did not disappoint. We stood and watched as they ate their way through the luscious grass and flowers in the meadow. They love that stuff! Amazing that such beautiful creatures should develop from eating such basic and simple food – and also derive so much pleasure from it, we commented.

Walking further we found ourselves being closely scrutinised by a contented bunch of cows lazing in the afternoon sun. They looked both intensely curious, but also extremely happy. They too had been eating that same butter-cup enhanced grass. Amazing that they should be enjoying the very same diet as the horses and eating it with great relish – yet they turn out completely different from the horses. Meanwhile the cat back home only eats grass when it wants to throw up…! There has to be a profound mystery there!

A short distance away was Little Sodbury where William Tyndale in the early 16th century tutored in the manor house. It was also there that he studied and received a call from God to undertake the translation of the Bible into English – so that even the ploughboy would have the opportunity to read God’s word and discover the Truth which would otherwise be kept hidden from him as long as it remained in Latin.  No doubt this was  some of the same countryside that he also walked and was inspired by. If only the old trees could talk!