It is not every day that one finds diamonds. But it is not every day that we lose them either!

But when one does find a diamond it brings unsurpassable pleasure… That has just been our experience this week!

The latest chapter in our ‘diamond saga’ began Sunday night. My wife, Hennie, looked shocked and held out her hand for me to see her ring finger. It was missing! The diamond from her engagement ring had been replaced by a glaring hole…! We commiserated with each other in silence

If this had been the first time in our 40 years of marriage it might have been more discouraging. But this was the third!

Made in Laos at the Vilayphone jewellers back in 1974 Hennie’s ring was in 18-carat gold – and the claws that held the diamond were the same.

Hennie's Ring Finger

Hennie’s Ring Finger

Within a year or two we discovered, to our horror, that these claws were not strong enough to withstand any knocks. The diamond went missing in 1976 when we visited a friend’s house near Chicago one evening. But it was the reflected light that saved it as we searched for it out on the gravel drive around where Hennie had lifted baby Malcolm out of his baby buggy. In the darkness it reflected the light from the house.

It also got lost once in Manila when it got caught in the ice of the freezer.  Not so hard to find maybe, but when we had it repaired we made sure that it was secure this time!

And now for the third time, 30 years later, it had happened again. But we were buoyed up by the knowledge that it had been lost twice already – and  we had found it!

Sunday night we made a few basic searches in the hope (or was it conviction?) that it had fallen off in the house. But when we went to bed it was a feeling of great sadness that overcame us both. Besides, things always feel worse at night… We had searched a few obvious places – the car, the porch, Hennie’s gloves and coat, the chair where she had been sitting – but to no avail…

Monday morning came and thoughts started flooding my mind as I lay in bed. The dreadful realisation of the lost diamond surfaced quickly…. Where could it be?  Applying some basic logic I concluded it was most likely to be somewhere where it would have been knocked out…. I decided the dishwasher must be a high priority if it stood a chance of being washed away… but no sign of it. The next place was the area where we take off our shoes and coats – inside the front door.

One by one I removed shoes, picked them up and shook them out. Then finally the shoe rack itself… What was left was a collection of dirt off the shoes…. So I got down on hands and knees to examine it…

And there it was – shining at me! Scooping it up I ran upstairs to share the discovery with Hennie who was still in bed… and her face lit up. We celebrated together!

Three times lost, three times found…! There is probably a parable in this – but it does put a new twist on the old marketing slogan (and James Bond movie) “Diamonds are forever!”