Write – in English!

You can write too! Many non-English speakers want to improve their skills in English. You may be one of them. Though many can speak English well it is more difficult for them to write it. So I am willing to help…

I-Tales is offering free tuition on a trial basis. Here are the details:-

You will write short articles that I can review and correct. I will send them back to you with corrections. This will include grammar and spelling corrections as well as choice of vocabulary.

The process is simple:

  1. You send your writing by e-mail using the address shown below. It should be as short as you like, but less than 200 words maximum.
  2. I will respond to let you know if it is accepted and within set guidelines
  3. If accepted I will correct it and return it to you
  4. Your privacy is assured. Your materials will not be passed on. Nor will your e-mail address be forwarded or published.


What do you write about? You may have a topic already in mind but here are a few suggestions

  • Your family
  • Your childhood
  • Your work
  • What you want to become
  • Your hope for the future
  • Your town, school, college
  • Your church, mosque or temple
  • Other…. whatever you like

You may like to work through these one at a time. This will give you opportunity to stretch your vocabulary, the range of words you use.

Before you ask, there is no charge for this, but we may have to restrict the numbers if it gets too busy.

Any questions?

No? Get started!

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